As consumers, we identify companies and products by their ‘brand elements’. These are the distinguishing features that make a business stand out from its competitors. Brand elements include things like logos, slogans, jingles, colours, packaging, and document styling. They’re the things that identify products and services as uniquely belonging to a particular business.

The Hutchies brand is well known and instantly recognisable. Our logos – both the horizontal and the shield versions – and the distinctive ‘Hutchies Blue’ are our best known brand elements. If you are using these elements in your documents, there are a few things to note to help you make sure our brand elements stay ‘Hutchified’. See the tips below to help make sure your documents stay true to the Hutchies identity.

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Choosing the right logo

When picking a logo to brand something with Hutchies, consider how long the logo might be displayed, what the intended audience is, where it might be used and what could be around it.

Things to consider are:

  • 5 yearly updates to the Shield Logo - try and avoid using the Shield on things that will be used for more than 5 years - instead use the Horizontal Logo.
  • The context of the logo - if the space to place the logo is horizontal in shape, for maximum exposure use the Horizontal Logo. If the space available is square, use the Shield.
  • If the opportunity allows to promote our Shield Logo - ie for a sponsorship.

Not sure which file format to use? ​

EMF files Suitable for use in Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel. Scaling possible without any quality loss.

EPS files Suitable for reproduction and scaling - mainly in print form. Recommended for high resolution artwork for use by designers. Most users will be unable to open this format.

JPG files Suitable for on screen use only. Do not scale.

PNG files Suitable for on screen use when transparency is needed. Do not scale.

Horizontal Logo

Our iconic horizontal logo was designed in 1987 and has become one of Australia’s most recognised construction logos. The horizontal logo is our primary identity, which we use as a more formal visual representation of our business.


Black text, blue bar (good for light backgrounds)

Download EMF
Download EPS
Download JPG
Download PNG

Colour Inverted

White text, blue bar (good for dark backgrounds)

Download EMF
Download EPS
Download PNG


Black and white (good for simple non-colour uses)

Download EMF
Download EPS
Download JPG
Download PNG


All white with compounded 'Builders' text (good for dark backgrounds or watermarks across images etc)

Download EMF
Download EPS
Download PNG

Shield Logo

The Hutchies shield, or ‘badge of honour’ that denotes the number of years we have been in the industry is updated every five years. A new milestone shield is rolled out the year prior to hitting the next five year milestone. For example, our 110 years shield logo will be rolled out in 2021 for our 110th anniversary in 2022.


Black text, blue bar (good for light backgrounds)

Download EMF
Download EPS
Download JPG
Download PNG

Colour Inverted

White text, blue bar (good for dark backgrounds)

Download EMF
Download EPS
Download PNG


Black and white (good for simple non-colour uses)

Download EMF
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Download JPG
Download PNG


All white with compounded text (good for dark backgrounds or watermarks across images etc)

Download EMF
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Logo Don'ts


Do not remove the 'Established 1912' tagline under any circumstances


Do not change the colour of the logo - always use one from this guide


Do not use the logo on a conflicting colour background


Do not use the logo over the top of an image that makes the logo unrecognisable


Do not use a poor quality logo


Never rotate or alter the shape of the logo under any circumstances


Never freely resize or squash the logo - always scale it properly


Do not use a logo with a small 'Established 1912' tagline


The Hutchinson Builders logo is made up of three fonts: Olive Antique for ‘Hutchinson’, Eurostile for ‘Builders’ and Helvetica Neue Bold for ‘Established’. Hutchies' brand mostly uses various forms of Helvetica Neue, a timeless and resilient sans serif that ties perfectly with our century old business. For most of our digital platforms, we use ‘DIN Next’ font. This includes the Toolbox, Doc Library, and website. DIN Next is also used throughout various campaigns and other media. Used all in CAPS, DIN Next produces short, sharp heading styles in various forms. We like to think of it like the neue Arial Narrow. 

Download Olive Antique
Download Eurostile
Download Helvetica Neue
Download DIN Next

Note about Arial

Hutchies recommends the use of Arial for all Microsoft Office products including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project. Arial is a ‘system font’, which means it's installed on every device (computer, phone and tablets) by default. It displays consistently in every use and is easy to work with across our various documents. Arial is not available for download as it's already installed on your computer.

Note about all other fonts

Fonts other than Arial should only be used with software such as CAD, Adobe products (Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc). For Mandarin supported font, we use SimSun.

Clear Space

To preserve the integrity of the Hutchinson Builders logos, keep some clear white space around it. This makes sure the logo stands out on its own and isolates it from competing graphic elements such as other logos, text or photography that may divert attention.

As illustrated below, the clear space for the Hutchinson Builders logos is measured by using the size of the ‘H’.


A brand is more than just a company logo. Our brand incorporates our reputation and our personality as a company as well as the logo and colours we use to represent ourselves. The way we portray the company on our building and site signage, documents, and online – even the way we drive our branded vehicles – all contribute to how Hutchies is represented.

Download ASE Colour Palette (for Adobe Software)


Grey Dark / Primary

C0 M0 Y0 K100 R35 G31 B32 #231F20


Grey Normal

C0 M0 Y0 K80 R88 G89 B91 #58595B


Grey Medium

C0 M0 Y0 K60 R128 G130 B133 #808285


Grey Light

C0 M0 Y0 K30 R188 G190 B192 #BCB8C0


Blue Dark

C100 M25 Y0 K50 R0 G85 B129 #005581


Blue Normal / Primary

C100 M25 Y0 K0 R0 G131 B191 #0083BF


Blue Medium

C60 M15 Y0 K0 R88 G176 B227 #58B0E3


Blue Light

C30 M7 Y0 K0 R173 G211 B240 #ADD3F0


Purple Dark

C71 M81 Y0 K50 R60 G37 B96 #3C2560


Purple Normal / Primary

C71 M82 Y0 K0 R104 G76 B159 #684C9F


Purple Medium

C51 M62 Y0 K0 R137 G112 B178 #8970B2


Purple Light

C31 M42 Y0 K0 R175 G151 B199 #AF97C7


Aqua Dark

C77 M9 Y49 K50 R0 G102 B91 #00665B


Aqua Normal / Primary

C77 M9 Y49 K0 R23 G170 B153 #17AA99


Aqua Medium

C57 M7 Y39 K0 R111 G186 B169 #6FBAA9


Aqua Light

C37 M7 Y19 K0 R160 G203 B204 #A0CBCC


Orange Dark

C8 M55 Y100 K50 R133 G78 B7 #854E07


Orange Normal / Primary

80 M55 Y100 K0 R227 G135 B37 #E38725


Orange Medium

C6 M45 Y80 K0 R234 G154 B75 #EA9A4B


Orange Light

C6 M35 Y70 K0 R236 G173 B98 #ECAD62


Red Dark

C13 M100 Y90 K50 R125 G5 B17 #7C0511


Red Normal / Primary

C13 M100 Y90 K4 R204 G32 B48 #CC2030


Red Medium

C10 M90 Y70 K0 R219 G65 B76 #DB414C


Red Light

C10 M70 Y40 K0 R221 G110 B122 #DD6E7A

Not sure which colour to use?

RGB (red, green and blue) refers to a system for representing the colours to be used on a computer display and is commonly used throughout the Microsoft Office Suite of programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint etc). 

CMYK colour model (process colour, four colour) is a subtractive colour model, used in colour printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some colour printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Most Hutchies printers use the CMYK process. This code is best used for best colour matching on offset (professional) printing and generally used in programs such as Adobe InDesign etc. 

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System - a proprietary colour process used in a variety of industries, primarily printing, but can also be found in paint, fabric and plastics. Hutchies' Blue was traditionally based off PMS Process Blue C however as our brand has adapted to ever changing print requirements, we have created a customised CMYK process colour that perfectly matches our iconic blue in all print conditions. Today we use PMS for our blue to match paint colours.

HEX (#) is a code used for digital or web safe colours using RGB matching. Hex tries to get accurately matched colour displays between the myriad of monitor standards and limited spectrum of colours. HEX colours are mainly used on the web, but can also be used for digital graphics, presentations and anything where print won't be required.

Paint Colour Codes

Taubmans for HB Blue

Formula: Process Blue
Range: Manual Formula
All Weather Low Sheen
W 1Y 32N    D 1Y 20N

Taubmans for HB Black

Formula: All Black T12 8.H12
Range: Taubmans Web 2012
All Weather Low Sheen
B 3Y 0N




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