7 - 14 September 2020 / COVID-19

Keeping a COVIDSafe Office

Implementation & Maintenance Guide

Hutchies has developed the following practical guide to assist our offices to implement and maintain our COVIDSafe requirements. Communicating these important preventative measures will help to keep everyone safe, prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep the construction industry open:

  1. Get your COVIDSafe resources
  2. Implement Plan & Checklist
  3. Keep stock of supplies
  4. Stay on top of the measures


Due to the Stage 4 Restrictions currently in place in Victoria, there are additional and specific requirements for our Victorian sites – including a state specific COVIDSafe plan. Hutchies’ people in victoria should continue to use those resources and contact Candece Frazzica-Kara with any questions.

Step 1 / Get your COVIDSafe resources

We’ve refreshed our suite of resources with the latest information and advice. These must continue to be regularly maintained across all Hutchies’ offices.

All jobs must ensure they have downloaded, read and implemented:

  • Hutchies' Keeping People Safe Plan (download)
  • COVIDSafe Checklist for Offices (download)
  • COVIDSafe Declaration Signage for office entries (download)
  • Request a QR code sign in system for your office (request)
  • Hutchies' suite of COVID-19 posters displayed (download)

Step 2 / Implement Plan & Checklist

Now that you have all of the above resources, follow the below steps:

  1. Assign a COVIDSafe Office Champion for your project who will implement and maintain Hutchies' weekly checklist
  2. Implement social distancing measures that space people out around your office (eg in reception, meeting rooms & kitchens)
  3. Audit current cleaning practices around the office - is it being undertaken regularly, to the required standard and recorded?
  4. Avoid meetings inside that run for longer than 2 hours - consider holding meetings outdoors where possible
  5. Ensure our COVIDSafe Declaration is shown at all office entries and visitors / delivery drivers sign into our register
  6. Reduce all room capacities (meeting rooms, lunch rooms etc) based on the 4m2 rule with clear signage
  7. Display stickers in bathrooms / kitchens / lunch rooms to remind people to wash their hands and use sanitiser in between
  8. Display our posters in high frequency / busy areas as a reminder of all of Hutchies' measures to prevent the spread

Examples of implementation


Does your office have awesome COVIDSafe measures?

We’re looking for offices to promote in these weekly updates who have implemented our COVIDSafe requirements and office-specific measures to share with other teams.

Step 3 / Keep stock of supplies

Hutchies has a stockpile of supplies for our jobs and offices. These can be ordered directly from Hutchies’ Toolbox Shop (and don’t need to be job costed).

Keep your site well stocked with:

  • COVID-19 signage and posters
  • Stickers with COVID-19 reminder messages
  • Hand sanitiser and dispensers
  • Cleaning products
  • Face masks

Step 4 / Stay on top of the measures

Completing Hutchies’ weekly COVIDSafe Checklist will help your office stay on top of these important measures.

Displaying and regularly communicating Hutchies’ requirements ensures everyone in a Hutchies office understands their personal responsibilities to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


If you need help, reach out

Hutchies HelpCOVID-19 Health InformationEmployee Assistance Program (EAP)
Reporting potential cases or general Hutchies advice.
Hutchies' COVID-19 Hotline
Phone 07 3335 5015
Email coronavirus@hutchies.com.au
This hotline can provide guidance if you have questions about COVID-19.

Australian Government COVID-19 Hotline
Phone 1800 020 080 (24x7)
This confidential service is open to Hutchies' people and immediate family members.

Converge International
Phone 1800 687 327

For general information on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), call the Australian Government's Coronavirus Health Info Line on 1800 020 080.

For the latest updates on COVID-19 in Australia, visit:

Australian Governmenthttps://l.hutchi.es/AusHealth
Smart Travellerhttps://l.hutchi.es/SmartTravel
New South Waleshttps://l.hutchi.es/cvNSW
Northern Territoryhttps://l.hutchi.es/cvNT
South Australiahttps://l.hutchi.es/cvSA

Mental Health

Hutchies has also created a resource to help maintain positive mental health during what has been a tough year for everyone.

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24 Sep - 18 Oct / Training

Intakes are now open for all school leavers

Hutchies Training is taking enrolments for its Trade Start (pre-employment) program.

This program is delivered on a live construction site and is perfect for students who have finished school or anyone looking to kick start their career in the construction industry.

If anyone has family, friends, neighbours etc who may be interested in learning more about the construction industry please encourage them to get in touch or apply now.

Key information

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  • 70+ career pathways to choose from
  • Intake is now open for early October start
  • Trade Start is provided at no cost for eligible participants by CSQ
  • Delivered on Hutchies' live job sites in South East Queensland
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9 September / Observation

A conversation could change a life.

Today is a reminder of the importance to check in on each other and ask R U OK?

Each of us have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic differently, but it has had an impact on us all. Some of us have been unexpectedly caught behind interstate travel bans, some in extended lockdowns, some living in hotspots, some at home with their families and some away from them.

It has been a challenge for each of us to adjust to new rules and restrictions which we have never had to deal with before.

We have all adapted in our own way to help ourselves and others. We have all done our best despite much of what we knew before having changed in so many ways.

For anyone struggling, know that there are genuine mates and the broader Hutchies’ crew around, people that care about you and are ready to listen and understand.

Now, more than ever, it’s a time to connect openly – a conversation could mean a lot to someone right now.

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25 August / Update

In response to feedback and ongoing reviews of Hutchies' systems, we've updated the Work Health & Safety Management Plan.

These updates better reflect the arrangements to manage health and safety on our projects. Hutchies' WHS Management Plan is used to identify project risks and the controls to be employed on site to manage those risks. 

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9 October / Event

Join us at Oktoberfest!

After missing out last year due to COVID, Hutchies will happily be returning to Oktoberfest at Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday 9 Oct 2021!

This year we have organised a number of VIP tables, that are open to all Hutchies' people (regardless of social club status or location), as well as clients, consultants, architects and other friends of Hutchies.

Scott's only condition to receiving a ticket to this event is that you must wear a costume!

If you’d like to come along, click the below button and head to the booking form on the Toolbox event page.

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