7 - 14 September / COVID-19

Keeping a COVIDSafe Site

Implementation & Maintenance Guide

Hutchies has developed the following practical guide to assist our sites to implement and maintain our COVIDSafe requirements. Communicating these important preventative measures will help to keep everyone safe, prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep construction sites open:

  1. Get your COVIDSafe resources
  2. Implement Plan & Checklist
  3. Keep stock of supplies
  4. Stay on top of the measures


Due to the Stage 4 Restrictions currently in place in Victoria, there are additional and specific requirements for our Victorian sites – including a state specific COVIDSafe plan. Hutchies’ people in victoria should continue to use those resources and contact Candece Frazzica-Kara with any questions.

Step 1 / Get your COVIDSafe resources

We’ve refreshed our suite of resources with the latest information and advice. These must continue to be regularly maintained across all Hutchies’ sites.

All jobs must ensure they have downloaded, read and implemented:

  • Hutchies' Keeping People Safe Plan (download)
  • COVIDSafe Checklist for Sites (download)
  • COVIDSafe Declaration Signage for site entries (order)
  • Visitor / Delivery Sign In Register for Sites (download)
  • Hutchies' suite of COVID-19 posters displayed (download)
  • Slides for site induction PowerPoint on COVID-19 (download)

Step 2 / Implement Plan & Checklist

Now that you have all of the above resources, follow the below steps:

  1. Assign a COVIDSafe Site Champion for your project who will implement and maintain Hutchies' weekly checklist
  2. Implement social distancing measures that space people out around your site (eg in crib rooms and hoist waiting areas)
  3. Audit current cleaning practices around site - is it being undertaken regularly, to the required standard and recorded?
  4. Hold meetings (like Prestarts) outdoors if possible and ensure COVID is a daily topic to remind everyone of their obligations
  5. Ensure our COVIDSafe Declaration is shown at all site entries and visitors / delivery drivers sign into our register
  6. Insert our COVIDSafe overview into your Induction PowerPoint so everyone understands the requirements across the project
  7. Display stickers in bathrooms / kitchens / lunch rooms to remind people to wash their hands and use sanitiser in between
  8. Display our posters in high frequency / busy areas as a reminder of all of Hutchies' measures to prevent the spread

Examples of implementation


Does your site have awesome COVIDSafe measures?

We’re looking for sites to promote in these weekly updates who have implemented our COVIDSafe requirements and project-specific measures to share with other teams.

Step 3 / Keep stock of supplies

Hutchies has a stockpile of supplies for our jobs and offices. These can be ordered directly from Hutchies’ Toolbox Shop (and don’t need to be job costed).

Keep your site well stocked with:

  • COVID-19 signage and posters
  • Stickers with COVID-19 reminder messages
  • Hand sanitiser and dispensers
  • Cleaning products
  • Face masks

Step 4 / Stay on top of the measures

Completing Hutchies’ weekly COVIDSafe Checklist will help your job stay on top of these important measures.

Displaying and regularly communicating Hutchies’ requirements ensures everyone on a Hutchies site understands their personal responsibilities to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


If you need help, reach out

Hutchies HelpCOVID-19 Health InformationEmployee Assistance Program (EAP)
Reporting potential cases or general Hutchies advice.
Hutchies' COVID-19 Hotline
Phone 07 3335 5015
Email help@hutchies.com.au
This hotline can provide guidance if you have questions about COVID-19.
Australian Government COVID-19 Hotline
Phone 1800 020 080 (24x7)
This confidential service is open to Hutchies' people and immediate family members.
Converge International
Phone 1800 687 327

Mental Health

Hutchies has also created a resource to help maintain positive mental health during what has been a tough year for everyone.

Other Recent Activities

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19 November / COVID-19

Reminder to be vigilant

In light of the latest coronavirus cluster that has developed in South Australia, this update is a reminder to everyone to remain vigilant and not become complacent in the fight against COVID-19.

We must continue to listen to the health advice in each State and maintain the various measures we have put in place to help keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of the virus.

From midnight last night, South Australia starts a 6-day lockdown period. This includes the closure of the local construction industry. These new restrictions are the result of an outbreak in the state where they hadn’t seen any cases of community transmission for seven months.

Each person’s individual effort contributes to keeping case numbers low, particularly given that outbreaks are likely to continue in Australia until a vaccine is available.

Part of our collective responsibility is ensuring that we each recognise coronavirus symptoms and get tested if we experience any of these (listed below). 

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22 November / Observation

22 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, also known as White Ribbon Day.

White Ribbon Australia is a part of a global movement of men and boys working to end men’s violence against women. The aim is to create an Australian society where all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse. #WhiteRibbonDay

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10 November / COVID-19

QLD Border Pass System Changes

Information from the Queensland Government

From Tuesday 10 October:

The Queensland Government has announced imminent changes to the online QLD border pass declaration system.

These changes are due to be implemented from today, however they have not yet been put in place at the time of sending this update. Keep an eye on the official website for more information.  

If you don’t already have one and require a border pass for travel into Queensland within the next few days, you should apply as soon as possible using the current system. These passes will continue to be accepted even after the new system is live, provided they have not expired.

Please feel free to send this update on to anyone it may be relevant to. It will also be published on the Toolbox for reference.

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6 November / COVID-19

Travel Restrictions

Guide for Hutchies’ People Intending to Travel

Hutchies’ company-wide restriction on all interstate travel in place since July has now been revised. This update is intended to detail Hutchies’ expectations around travel moving forward. As indicated by Greg Quinn in his email to all company members on October 30, Hutchies will continue to review the situation and send a further update after our Christmas shutdown period. 

State and Territory governments have now either opened borders to other states, or are intending to do so shortly. An overview of current border status is provided below. 

Hutchies’ general position has not changed. We must remain cautious, and continue to employ the measures Hutchies and other Constructors have put in place since the start of the pandemic.

We are also introducing some additional measures relating to travel to ensure that Hutchies’ people and workplaces are kept as safe as possible as border arrangements change. Read on for more information. 

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11 November / Observation

On 11 November 1918, the guns of the Western Front fell silent after four years of continuous warfare. With their armies retreating and close to collapse, German leaders signed an Armistice, bringing to an end the First World War. From the summer of 1918, the five divisions of the Australian Corps had been at the forefront of the allied advance to victory. Beginning with their stunning success at the battle of Hamel in July, they helped to turn the tide of the war at Amiens in August, followed by the capture of Mont St Quentin and Pèronne, and the breaching of German defences at the Hindenburg Line in September. By early October the exhausted Australians were withdrawn from battle. They had achieved a fighting reputation out of proportion to their numbers, but victory had come at a heavy cost. They suffered almost 48,000 casualties during 1918, including more than 12,000 dead.

In the four years of the war more than 330,000 Australians had served overseas, and more than 60,000 of them had died. The social effects of these losses cast a long shadow over the postwar decades.

Each year on this day Australians observe one minute’s silence at 11am, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

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2 - 16 November / Observation

National Recycling Week runs from 9 November 2020 through to 16 November 2020.

In November 1996, Planet Ark founded National Recycling Week to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling. This established and highly regarded annual campaign continues to educate and stimulate behaviour change, by promoting kerbside, industrial and community recycling initiatives.

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30 October / COVID-19

Latest COVID-19 case locations in VIC

Please note this is a public announcement – not an announcement from Hutchies.

Updated: 30 October 2020

Please take the time to review the lists below and if you have been at one of the venues at the time identified, inform your Team Leader and make arrangements to be tested.


There are currently a number of cases linked to the Chadstone, Shepparton and Kilmore outbreaks and Northern metro region community outbreak. If you have visited any of the sites, or are a close contact please get tested.

Case alerts – public exposure sites

If you have visited any of the locations listed in the table below during the date indicated for the next 14 days you should:

  1. Watch for coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms.
  2. If symptoms occur, immediately get tested and stay at home while you wait for your results.
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30 October / COVID-19

Latest COVID-19 case locations in NSW

Please note this is a public announcement – not an announcement from Hutchies.

Updated: 30 October 2020

Please take the time to review the lists below and if you have been at one of the venues at the time identified, inform your Team Leader and make arrangements to be tested and work from home until you receive a negative result.

Areas with increased testing

If you live in or have visited these local government areas (LGAs) or suburbs in the past 2 weeks, get tested if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, even if mild, and self-isolate until you get your test result.

  1. Camden LGA
  2. Lakemba (suburb)
  3. Liverpool LGA

Find your local government area (LGA)

Self-isolate and get tested immediately if you've been to these locations

If you have been to any of these locations during the time and date indicated you should:

  1. immediately self-isolate until 14 days after you were last there
  2. get tested even if you have no symptoms
  3. watch for COVID-19 symptoms and get retested should any symptoms recur
  4. even if you get a negative test, you must stay in isolation for 14 days as it can take 14 days before you may show symptoms or test positive.
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5 November / Meetings

Hutchies' monthly budgets are held on the first Thursday of every month in Brisbane and via Skype sessions to the regions.

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