6 May 2020 / COVID-19

National Cabinet Updates

The PM just addressed the media:

  • Joined by IR Minister, Christian Porter & Chair of the COVID19 Commission, Nev Power
  • No matters to report from a health point of view today. That will come on Friday at next Nat Cab meeting. CMO will hold normal press briefing though (not sure if this meant today)
  • Today’s focus if briefing – getting Australia back to work.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been protected in terms of health and lives have been saved.
  • Decisions made that have managed to curb the health and economic impacts – costs would be greater if they weren’t made, but still these decisions have come at a cost
  • To get Australians back to work, their workplaces have to be COVID safe, National Cab is working on what a COVID safe economy will look like.
  • More than 1 million JobSeeker applications processed, 5 million on JobKeeper, 1 million accessing super, 384,000 businesses receiving $1B cash flow assistance
  • [ScoMo then showed slides regarding impacts on economy (jobs/activity) – will circulate when available online]
  • Economic activity and job availability falls in all states (particularly VIC/NSW/QLD)
  • Not seeking to delay getting economy back on track but must be taken carefully, with COVID safe workplaces.
  • Numbers/outbreaks will occur when restrictions are eased.
  • Businesses, employers and employees need the tools to operate a COVID safe workplace.
  • Downloads of COVID app – 5 million today, 16 million targeted, Govt is about 1/3 of the way there.
  • App’s job is to keep people safe. If you come into contact with someone, you will be able to be contacted and you can make decisions around this. First job of the app is to keep ‘YOU’ safe – best reason to download. Reiterated people needing to keep downloading.
  • Restrictions costing $4B a week.

Christian Porter

  • Health and safety strict legal requirements, all employers have to comply to manage risks, and will need to do so with COVID
  • Monitoring and enforcement occurs in each state/territory
  • Nat Cab has adopted safe workplace principles – consistency in approach across Australia
  • COVID Safe App – very important to get back to normal
  • COVID19 Planning Toolkit – being worked on
  • SafeWork Australia COVID19 website - 1 million visits, a lot higher than normal hits to SafeWork website
  • SafeWork website will provide consistent detailed granular level information as a head start to every business in Australia, so as to the best way to cope with the new COVID safe environment
  • It will describe what measures will mean for a particular jurisdiction, type of business – how you will engage social distancing/hygiene/cleaning/PPE – how this will apply to different types of business
  • It will help to safely reanimate businesses

Nev Power

  • Working with everyone across industries, working with businesses to help with issues, on how to operate and how to get businesses ready
  • 4 key issues
    • Reconfiguring and restructuring work sites, business by business
    • How to respond if there is an incident
    • How do we return that workplace to a safe place to work
    • Communication process, ensuring everyone knows what to do
  • With SafeWork, we will have a complete COVID19 toolkit available.
  • Some businesses already operating in reconfigured workplace, some not yet there, some need help.
  • Want to get people back at work, but while keeping work safe.
  • Configure workplace to introduce social distancing / hygiene measures as a higher level of activity is introduced and as the economy gets back on track again.
  • We don’t want to introduce restrictions again, we want to be able to deal with outbreaks as they occur instead.
  • Looking forward to a more relaxed restriction world but we still need to do the right thing.


  • ScoMo wants students back to school and is based on health advice as it consistently has been.
  • Friday will be a roadmap session which shows Australia the path back to normality.
  • PM Ardern joined today, first time NZ PM has joined for a very long time. PM invited her. They discussed a safe travel zone but still some time away – but wanted to flag so it can be done in future.
  • ScoMo doesn’t want open/shut, open/shut of businesses.

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9 September / Observation

A conversation could change a life.

Today is a reminder of the importance to check in on each other and ask R U OK?

Each of us have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic differently, but it has had an impact on us all. Some of us have been unexpectedly caught behind interstate travel bans, some in extended lockdowns, some living in hotspots, some at home with their families and some away from them.

It has been a challenge for each of us to adjust to new rules and restrictions which we have never had to deal with before.

We have all adapted in our own way to help ourselves and others. We have all done our best despite much of what we knew before having changed in so many ways.

For anyone struggling, know that there are genuine mates and the broader Hutchies’ crew around, people that care about you and are ready to listen and understand.

Now, more than ever, it’s a time to connect openly – a conversation could mean a lot to someone right now.

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25 August / Update

In response to feedback and ongoing reviews of Hutchies' systems, we've updated the Work Health & Safety Management Plan.

These updates better reflect the arrangements to manage health and safety on our projects. Hutchies' WHS Management Plan is used to identify project risks and the controls to be employed on site to manage those risks. 

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31 July / COVID-19

Lockdown announced

On Saturday morning the Queensland Government announced a 3 day lockdown period for the local government areas (LGAs) of South East Queensland (incorporating Brisbane, Gold Coast, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley).

The lockdown has now been extended to 4pm Sunday, 8 August at this stage. It has been announced in response to a growing cluster which started with a high school student at Indooroopilly State High School.

The lockdown is also mandatory for anyone who has been in any of the 11x LGAs since 1am this morning and is now elsewhere.

The construction industry is still considered an essential service. Sites will remain open throughout the lockdown period at this stage. Read on for further information.

Stricter lockdown measures

The Queensland Government announced the strictest lockdown measures that the state has experienced so far, due to concern of the rapidly spreading Delta variant.

There are only four reasons to leave home during the lockdown:

  • To buy essential goods / groceries, but only within 10km of your usual place of residence. Supermarkets will be open during the lockdown period. 
  • To go to essential work / school. Childcare is open but only for children of essential workers.
  • For exercise outside, but only within 10km of your usual place of residence. Only allowed to do so with one other person from a different household.
  • For health care. You can leave to get medical care and you can provide care to someone. You can also leave home to get a COVID test or vaccine.

Additional stricter measures have also been introduced to help stop the spread:

  • No visitors allowed at home. The only exception is to care for someone who needs help, but it is recommended to delay if possible.
  • Funerals and weddings limited to 10 people.
  • Mask wearing continues to be mandatory across the 11x LGAs. You must wear a face mask at all times when you leave home, including outdoors and for exercise, unless you have a lawful reason not to.
  • Mask wearing will now be mandatory for everyone at high schools, including students, teachers and visitors in the 11x LGAs.
  • Non-essential businesses must close (eg gyms / hairdressers etc).
  • Restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues can open but only to provide takeaway.

Hutchies' COVIDSafe sites

Construction remains essential in South East Queensland and it is important to ensure we are all working as hard as possible to keep it open in the face of ongoing outbreaks. All sites should urgently review the latest Hutchies' COVIDSafe Plan and ensure that their site is implementing the following at a minimum:

  • Regular cleaning of all site / office areas and high touch points
  • Mask wearing except when not safe to do so
  • Good hand hygiene
  • Maintaining 1.5m distance from others, including limiting numbers in hoists / lifts and crib / lunch rooms
  • Signing in using your sites' regular sign in process to provide contact details if required for contact tracing
  • Using video / teleconference software to hold meetings

Hutchies' offices in South East QLD

Everyone who works in Hutchies' offices across South East Queensland should be wearing a mask if they are working in an office during the lockdown period.

The Queensland Government has specified that people who can work from home should do so.

All face to face meetings in offices should be cancelled and replaced by video / teleconferences.

Hutchies' Toowong office

These instructions are particularly important in relation to the Toowong office.

The Toowong office is in very close proximity to the current outbreak.

If you can do your job from home, you must. You can go to the office to collect computer gear and anything else you might need to work from home during the lockdown period.

If you do need to go into the Toowong office, you must sign in using the Queensland Government QR code.

You must be wearing a mask at all times, including whilst seated. This is an important measure to stop the spread of airborne particles.

Exposure sites

The Queensland Government has provided an extensive list of exposure sites based on the movements of people who are linked to the Indooroopilly State High School cluster. More venues are expected to be added.

It is very important that anyone who is in, or has been in South East Queensland recently, checks the list daily.

If you have been to any of the venues of concern at the date and time identified, inform your Team Leader, get tested and follow the direction listed by Queensland Health.

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29 July / Update

Edition 1

Recent company snapshots have identified some pinch points in HammerTech utilisation. To assist, additional resources are available so watch this space for regular updates on all things HammerTech.

In this update you'll find:

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28 July / Training

Play the video below to see who has been crowned winner and runner up of Apprentice of the Year, Cadet of the Year and Future Leader of the Year.

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22 July / COVID-19

Keeping people safe

We've made some updates to our COVIDSafe Plan to incorporate the latest requirements across Australia.

All of Hutchies' sites and offices must continue to implement the key COVIDSafe measures we've had in place over the last 12 months, in addition to the latest local state / territory requirements listed below.

Some of the critical aspects of our COVIDSafe plan being focsued on include:
  • Regular cleaning of all site / office areas and high touch points
  • Good hand hygiene
  • Maintaining 1.5m distance from others
  • Signing in to provide contact details if required for contact tracing

The updates we have incorporated into our latest plan (version 4) includes:

Mandatory Check In & Sign In 

It is a requirement for everyone entering a Hutchies site or office that they sign in using our own process (ie HammerTech or Visitor Register) and if mandatory in your local state, must also check in using the government issued QR code system to assist with contact tracing if required.

Mandatory Masks

Masks are mandated in several areas across Australia presently, including New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and parts of South East Queensland. Hutchies' preference is that everyone in these areas, or if you cannot socially distance, wear a mask at all times, when it is safe to do so. 

This plan must be available on your project and to your clients. You should familiarise yourself with the necessary measures and continue to implement all requirements, including completing our weekly COVIDSafe inspection checklists for sites and offices.

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