7 August 2020 / COVID-19

Prime Minister & CMO, QLD Deputy Premier, VIC Premier Updates

The following announcements were made today (in order of appearance) by various governments regarding coronavirus.

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles and Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young conference

  • Case update QLD: 0 New Cases, 11 active cases, 17,000 tests, 5 cases related to the returning women from Melbourne
  • Active Cases in AUS: 1 SA, 270 NSW, 7449 VIC (averaging 519 daily)
  • QLD Borders shut Saturday 1am 8 / 8 /2020, expecting great delays over the weekend as people rush back
  • Border pass exemptions comes in three forms X Pass, F Pass and S Pass which are required to be on the person at all times
  • X Pass – People living in the surrounding suburbs of the borders will be allowed to cross freely in a travel bubble. Queenslanders are allowed to still travel within QLD as long as they don’t leave the travel zones in NSW. NSW residents who live in the NSW travel zone will be allowed to travel freely within the designated QLD travel zones but no further.
  • F Pass – For freights, trucks and goods to cross the border
  • S Pass – Essential workers that meet the criteria to cross the border
  • The border pass website will come on this afternoon, however it could be glitchy and slow due to demand on the site. Regardless of this no exemptions will be made on the border without these passes.
  • Anyone wishing to return to Queensland after Saturday 1am without a border pass will be required to fly in through Sydney Airport and will be forced into hotel quarantine at their own expense. There are minimal exemptions to this.
  • Protests have been planned for the Story Bridge in QLD this Saturday, this is labelled unlawful and immediate Police action will be taken on anyone tempting to protest
  • If Queensland maintains no community transmission into the next week more restrictions may be lifted including visiting nursing homes

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

  • 450 new cases 181 passed away (11 extra in the past 24 hours).
  • 2,500 unknown transmission, 66 new unknown cases
  • Health care workers account for around 1,500 active cases
  • Year 12 VIC Students: VCE students will be individually assessed and any adverse impacts from COVID-19 will be reflected in their ATAR ranking. This includes Mental Health, days off, additional responsibility. ATAR will be a fair reflection of their past year.
  • A further $28.5 million in funding for mental health and wellbeing support in schools, saying they had seen higher absence rates for vulnerable kids and a sharp increase in mental health reports in government schools. This comes in the form of additional mental support and mental health training for 1500 school staff. Health practitioners will also be rolled out to additional schools and the Navigator program will increase 33% to help support students who have disengaged from school.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

  • Familiarity of Premiers in Nat Cab working together is really helping working relationships and productivity
  • The following federal measures have been implemented on the back of the Victoria situation:
    • Pandemic leave disaster payment for Victorians
    • Childcare keeping places arrangement for Victorians
    • Easing restrictions and extending JobKeeper to make sure that Victorians and any other parts of the country doing it tough can access:
      • Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has announced businesses will only need to show that their GST turnover had fallen over one quarter, instead of multiple, to be eligible for the scheme's extension.
      • Workers will also qualify if they were employed on July 1, rather than March 1.
  • Very dark times – the governments are working together, very clear and strong plan for the road out. Continue to work together to provide support businesses and jobs. National effort to support Victoria.
  • Stress testing national preparedness - in quarantine arrangements and aged care
  • Quarantine review being undertaken to track lessons and experience as well as the need to ensure we conduct QA processes in each state. Welcome to hear that people are being treated like hotel guests in hotel quarantine, making the process as positive as possible. Little things make a big difference.
  • Ongoing auditing of aged care preparedness around the country, and also helping to stabilise the aged care situation in Victoria
  • International travel restrictions on arrivals to stay. This inbound ban will continue for months to come indefinitely.
  • Freight protocol is now a Code, as of today and will be enforced around country from today
  • 340,000 training places via JobTrainer program will be made available this year
  • Vaccine progress – never been a global effort like this, positive signs
  • Whoever finds the vaccine needs to share it without restraint, otherwise they’d be looked upon terribly in history. Australia pledges to share vaccine if it develops it, all other countries should too.
  • Can’t count on a vaccine, but we need an economic plan in place that accommodates life without a vaccine
  • National Preparedness Plan coming in next two weeks – keenness from all Premiers to engage in this plan

Acting Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly

  • ACT/TAS have no active COVID-19 cases
  • Particularly older people who have higher rates of death
  • Younger age groups are the most infected and are spreading the virus
  • Very good engagement across the board helping Victoria
  • Acute response phase is about preparing for the worst so it can be handled the best
  • Vaccine – strong optimism, can’t promise when it will occur. Many in clinical trials at the moment, it needs to be safe and of a high quality
  • National stockpiles have been increased including lifesaving medication
  • The virus can be a severe long-term illness in some, including young people
  • Person in their 30s who died had co-morbidities, but confirms it is not just an old person’s virus
  • QR codes are being used in venues. We are in a pandemic so the quicker that people can do contact tracing the better. Put down real addresses/names because that will help you.
  • Suppression strategy is working well in other states

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4 April / Observation

Daylight Saving Time ends at 2am (which is 3am DST) on the first Sunday in April, when clocks are turned back one hour. Daylight saving is not observed in Queensland, the Northern Territory or Western Australia. Please remember this time change when arranging travel etc.

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1 April / COVID-19

The Queensland Premier has announced that the 3 day lockdown in the Greater Brisbane region will end at 12 noon today (Thursday).

Some restrictions will remain in place for another 14 days until Thursday, 15 April 2021 – please read the below carefully. It is important to continue to implement and follow all of Hutchies’ COVID-19 measures across our sites and offices.

Restrictions for Queensland

The below requirements have been taken directly from the Queensland Government directions.

From 12pm today, until 15 April 2021 for all of Queensland:

> you must carry a face mask at all times and wear indoors, unless you have a lawful reason not to

> gatherings in people’s homes are limited to 30 persons in total, including the people you live with

> you can leave your home for any purpose. You can travel anywhere in Australia. Please note other states and territories may have restrictions in place that prevent you from travelling to them

> visitors to aged care facilities, disability accommodation services, hospitals and correctional facilities are restricted across the state

> restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs can only open for seated eating and drinking, no standing allowed

> hospitality businesses must keep an electronic customer register > customers must check into venues and provide their contact details in case you need to be contacted – download the Check In Qld App to get setup before you visit venues

Masks for Queensland

The below requirements have been taken directly from the Queensland Government directions.

You must carry a face mask with you at all times when you leave home, unless you have a lawful reason not to.

> you must wear a mask in indoor spaces

> it is strongly recommended you wear a mask when outdoors if you are unable to stay more than 1.5m distance from other people, such as busy walkways and thoroughfares

> masks do not need to be worn in some circumstances, including children under 12 years, if you have certain medical conditions, and in workplaces where it is not safe to do so > you can remove your mask to consume food or drink

Other Requirements

Anyone who has visited Brisbane since 20 March

> must still observe the above rules (including wearing a mask as required) regardless of where you are now in Australia

Anyone visiting Queensland in the next 14 days 

> must also observe the above rules (including wearing a mask as required) throughout the entire state

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30 March / COVID-19

Latest COVID-19 case locations in QLD

Please note this is a public announcement – not an announcement from Hutchies.

Updated: 30 March 2021

A large amount of new venues have been added to contact tracing alerts since the list emailed this morning, including in Byron Bay, **UPDATED** Gold Coast & Toowoomba.

Please take the time to review the lists below and if you have been at one of the venues at the time identified, inform your Team Leader and make arrangements to follow the Queensland Government directions below.

Check the QLD Government website daily for updated information. 

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29 March / COVID-19

Latest COVID-19 case locations in SE QLD, Gladstone & **UPDATED** Byron Bay

Please note this is a public announcement – not an announcement from Hutchies.

Updated: 29 March 2021

This morning the Queensland Government announced another 3 day lockdown period for the Greater Brisbane region. The lockdown will be in place from 5pm AEST today (Monday) through to 5pm AEST Thursday, 1 April 2021. This lockdown has been put in place as a result of a growing COVID-19 cluster of the UK variant in Brisbane.

If you have been in Brisbane at any time on or since Saturday 20 March, you should read the latest Hutchies’ Toolbox update and apply the lockdown provisions to yourself as though you were in Greater Brisbane region from 5pm today.

Hutchies has confirmed that the construction industry is still considered an essential service. Sites in Greater Brisbane will remain open throughout the lockdown period. In accordance with government directions, office based people should work from home where practicable during this period.

As these latest cases visited a number of locations including in South-East Queensland, Gladstone and Byron Bay, we are notifying all company members and urge anyone who has recently visited these regions to review the below list.

If you have been at one of the venues at the time identified, inform your Team Leader and make arrangements to follow the Queensland Government directions below. Check the QLD Government website daily for updated information.

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29 March / COVID-19

Implementation & Maintenance Guide

Hutchies has developed the following practical guide to assist our sites to implement and maintain our COVIDSafe requirements. Communicating these important preventative measures will help to keep everyone safe, prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep construction sites open:

  1. Get your COVIDSafe resources
  2. Implement Plan & Checklist
  3. Keep stock of supplies
  4. Stay on top of the measures
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25 March / New

Hutchies has a new company calendar available in Outlook. You’ll be able to see all of our regular events in one easy place.

We’ll be inviting all company members via email to add the calendar to you Outlook through the click of a button in the next few days. Please click ‘Accept’ to join.

Accept via Email Invitation

Please keep an eye out shortly for an email invitation from Hutchies’ Company Calendar to join the calendar in Outlook.

When you receive the email:

> On your computer, open the email

> Click the blue ‘Accept’ button in the top left corner of the email > It will then add the shared calendar to your regular Outlook calendars

Add via Shared Calendars

If you can’t wait to add it, or miss the email, you can add the new calendar via Shared Calendars in Outlook.

On your computer:

> Click the calendar icon in the bottom left corner

> Click the ‘Add Calendar’ button in the top ribbon

> Select ‘Open Shared Calendar’

> Type in ‘Hutchies Company Calendar’ > It will then open and save as an option under Shared Calendars


The new calendar enables real-time updating of events in a format everyone is familiar with (Outlook). We are specifically only including events in this calendar that are relevant to all of Hutchies nationally to avoid overloading it with irrelevant information.

Annual updates will be made for the year ahead roughly in October / November for:

> Company meetings (budgets, board meetings etc) by Matilda Fowke to assist the regions in their local calendar planning

> Payment cutoff dates for middle and end of month runs by AP

> Public holidays / social events / observations by the Comms Team If there is an event applicable to all of Hutchies that you think should be included in the company calendar, please let us know.

Other Formats

Previously we published some key dates on Toolbox and through the annual meetings document (published on the Doc Library).

These two formats will no longer be used for these dates – instead this new company calendar will be available via Outlook.

Hutchies’ Toolbox Activities will remain your central go to point for all key company announcements / alerts.

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22 March / Weather Alert

There are currently a number of weather warnings for New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria as a result of extensive rain and now risks of flooding. 

Please follow all directions of authorities, stay in the loop with ABC Emergency and ensure Hutchies' site preparation procedures are followed.

Summary of weather

You can also monitor the live radar below for a national summary on the latest weather forecasts.

General advice in storms

  • Move cars under cover or away from trees. 
  • Secure loose outdoor items. 
  • Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees. 
  • Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.
  • Beware of fallen trees and powerlines. 
  • For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.

This includes checking that the sediment and erosion controls are in place and effective for any projects where we have open ground and soil stockpiles that have the potential to cause negative environmental impact.

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11 March / Notice

Falls and falling objects are hazards which can occur on construction sites. Constant proactive attention is required to manage the risk of these hazards due to the dynamic nature of site.

Site management and all workers have a duty to provide and maintain a safe workplace for all everyone that puts ‘people before program’.

By working together on Hutchies’ sites with good communication and planning, we improve the safety of ourselves and everyone around us. This extends to visitors to site and members of the public who may interact with our projects. 


All Site Management Teams are to:

> Download and display the Big 10 poster on your site to raise awareness

> Deliver a toolbox talk (download template) at the next prestart to the site teams / workers to communicate the Big 10 as well as the below actions for workers

> Complete a Weekly Inspection – Big 10 in HammerTech every week to monitor and review the effectiveness of implemented control measures and identify areas that require attention or rectification

specifically review the falls and falling object control measures:

  • Housekeeping
  • Scaffold
  • Penetrations 
  • Edge protection

> Raise any issues or observations that are identified with the relevant trades to achieve an effective and timely close out

> View the short videos below as a refresher for the required risk controls

All workers should are to:

> Follow Hutchies’ site rules & obtain relevant permits to work 

> Follow approved Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS

> Consider changes to the work environment that may affect approved SWMS as work progresses

> Install required and approved exclusion zones correctly prior to starting work

> Do not enter an exclusion zone unless you have approval from the trade in control of the area

> Do not alter scaffold on site unless you are a licensed scaffolder and have been instructed to by Hutchies

> If required to use height safety equipment, be competent and suitably trained before and use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines

Remember, your Hutchies’ site management team is available if you need any help or you see something that is potentially unsafe.

By working together effectively, we can improve the safety for everyone on site and reduce the risk of incidents

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8 March / Observation

Each of us has a choice in everything we do to make a difference.

To change the way we see things, and the way things have been. To truly understand respect.

Together we can achieve better.

So let’s all choose to challenge — we already know we can change.


Challenge the meaning of respect.

Challenge bias and inequality.

Challenge how we act and speak.

Challenge others for careless behaviour.

In so many ways we are industry trailblazers. We can harness diversity and difference in everything we do to be leaders of equal opportunity.

We are Hutchies. We choose to challenge.

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